Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro Ring hair extensions are a very safe method of applying hair extensions,attached with tiny rings that come in several colours for a close match to your hair colour.They come in different sizes to suit different hair types. 

 A tool similar to a crochet hook  pulls a strand of your hair through the ring, you then slip the hair extension strand into the ring.The hair extension pliers are used to clamp the ring tight & hold the hair extension in place securely. 

This is a great method that does not use any heat or glue and is a great alternative for those afraid of the damage that glue may cause

.I only use silicone lined micro rings which prevents slipping,breakage and last much longer than other micro links.

if you do have any allergies to nickel micro rings will be unsuitabl for you.

Quick, safe & easy to apply& re-apply

Nano rings are now available!!! 90% Smaller than micro rings!