Hair Extension Methods

For a full head I can apply anything up to 250 individual bonds and it can take anything from four hours up to seven depending on thickness and texture of your natural hair. The time it takes to apply the extensions depends if you want a full change of style, length or just to enhance your hair with colours, or to add volume.

Please note your hair needs to be at least 3 to 4 inches long, the longer your hair the easier it is to integrate. If your hair is very short I do advise a maximum length of 16 inches for a full head.

Half a head of extensions is only intended to add thickness and a little length. You can also add flashes of colour eg: Reds/highlights. This is a great way of quickly achieving a dramatic colour change without the use of chemicals, a look which can be achieved in under one hour!

Hair Strength

For a healthy individual with no hair disease,human hair fibre is incredibly strong, as strong as a piece of copper wire, it can stretch up to 20% of its original length before snapping when dry, and up to 50% when wet. When hair extensions are applied and maintained properly by a qualified extensionist, no breakage should occur.

Preparation: before having hair extensions fitted

  • Thoroughly wash your hair, preferably with a clarifying shampoo to remove any build up from styling products.
  • Dry and straightened hair will make it clearer and easier to apply the bonds even if wavy extensions are being applied.
  • Do not apply ANY products to clean dry hair prior to applying hair extensions.

After your hair extensions have been fitted

Extensions can be fashionable and practical without restricting any lifestyle activity,you can still swim and play sport with confidence.

* I take extra care to make sure if you wish to wear hair up no bonds are visible* 

Hair extensions are actually very easy to look after and maintain,by just following a few simple steps you can keep them looking fabulous.

* Take extra care when washing, drying and styling your new hair and remember it does take a little longer to dry and style as there is more of it!

*After having hair extensions fitted you may find it a little uncomfortable sleeping on them,this is normal.

It usually takes about 4-5 days for them to feel more comfortable especially after the first wash,so please persevere with them after a week or so you will hardly notice they are there and the results are worth it!