Hair Extension Maintenance

Depending on your hair re- growth your extensions should last 3-4 months even longer if well looked after.If you decide to keep the extensions in long term,maintenance will be needed every 4-6 weeks,to re-position bonds and keep them looking fabulous.After 3 months new hair will need to be integrated into maintenance sessions,This will keep your hair looking at its best.I do advise clients to give there hair a break every 6 months for a period of at least a month to help stimulate the roots,brushing etc- however this is an entirely personal choice,i will make sure at maintenance sessions everything is as it should be and the condition of your natural hair is not affected,taking great care when removing and repositioning old bonds.

Maintenance is usually required between 4-6 weeks,to thicken extensions and remove any thinning or loose bonds.

During your maintenance session i will check for any matting,tangles,loose bonds or excessive shedding.I will move and replace any extensions that need repositioning which will be necessary to keep your hair extensions looking there best.

I do not price maintenance sessions per hour as a lot of technicians do, i do not restrict myself by time limits,if you have had hair extensions previously you may have paid for 1 hour of maintenance and noticed that not a lot had been done! i will do what i feel needs doing usually half a head a time  this gives you much better value for money and no hidden cost shocks!, before any work i do you will be quoted in full 

Maintenance varies depending on how long extensions have been left and the condition they are in.If the extensions have been left a considerable amount of time,they will be much harder to remove,may involve untangling and un-matting hair,it will take a lot longer and the maintenance price will cost more as a result.

Please note it is important that the bonds are re- positioned every 4 weeks or removed after 3 months are up as the bond will put strain on your natural hair.

If regular maintenance is kept up your extensions will look fantastic for months!